About Us

Jordanpoly is a Jordanian company that specializes in manufacturing board, card, plastic and wooden games.

Where Culture Meets Play

At Jordanpoly, we believe that the world of board games is not just about playing; it’s about creating memorable experiences, fostering connections, and celebrating cultural richness.

Our journey began with a passion for games that transcends mere entertainment, leading us to curate a collection that reflects the spirit of our region, Jordan.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring joy, unity, and cultural celebration to every game night.

By showcasing high-quality board games, proudly made in Jordan, we aim to be a hub for enthusiasts seeking not just games but experiences that tell stories, share traditions, and build lasting memories.

The Jordanian Touch

What sets us apart is the infusion of the Jordanian touch into every aspect of our board games.

From the craftsmanship of Carrom boards to the cultural narratives woven into each game’s design, our commitment to quality and authenticity reflects the vibrant spirit of Jordan.